Our Story


It all began when the owner of our company was looking into the possibility of adding a vineyard to his property.  He hired experts to advise him on what would be required. The discussions were going well until the expert mentioned many precautions regarding the fertilizing procedures for the grapevines.


The expert explained that he and his family may not want to be present when the chemicals were being sprayed and that he should be concerned about any pets or livestock nearby in addition to the fish in the pond.


These alarming concerns got him thinking.  If dangerous chemicals are being sprayed and getting into our food and grapes, they clearly aren’t being removed by merely washing the produce. So he chose to explore making a natural, harmless fertilizer instead?


Given his experience in formulation, he and his chief chemist explored what could be developed, naturally, without all of the potential hazards that the chemical fertilizers posed.


Voila!  A new product was developed for growing better, naturally


Vine Vitality – For Healthy, Responsible and Abundant Growing!