2013 Harvest

Following a successful initial test in 2012, the owners at Chandler Hill agreed to a more expansive trial for the 2013 season. They decided to split the Chambourcin crop in half, 80 vines to be treated in their normal fashion and 80 vines to be fertilized with Vine Vitality instead. The chief winemaker, Tom Murphy, worked closely with the Vine Vitality team as we documented the growth stages throughout the summer.


Early observations noted tighter grape clusters on the Vine Vitality vines, also the clusters were more frequent appearing at multiple heights. The harvest day was a great experience for all. We collected 7 totes from the Vine Vitality vines and 3 totes from the other vines. The final weight results were 5426 lbs of Vine Vitality vs. 2115 lbs treated chemically. An increase of over 150%! If it works this well in the vineyard, what will it do in your garden?


Big Chief Roadhouse has used Vine Vitality to improve their garden to table efforts!

Spring Hollow Hemp Farm using Big Blooms & Buds nutrients.